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Sponsor a child

A lot of the work for children and young people is carried out via direct support from individuals in the UK – and only happens if this sponsorship is in place.  We can arrange sponsorship linked to primary, high school or further education, and vocational training – almost anything!

A rough idea of costs are:-

Primary – Boarding – £60-£70 per month

High School – Boarding – £60-£70 per month

Vocational Courses (2-3 years) – £1,500 per year

University – £2,000 per year.

We can put groups of sponsors together so please contact us if you are interested in this – there are always people waiting for opportunities. Some students only need help for a short period.

We will send reports when available – usually termly and can arrange for an annual exchange of letters (this normally occurs when the trustees visit Uganda in January/February).

Look at our case studies to see the change you can make in someone’s life.

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