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Africa Greater Life Mission is a Ugandan Charity that supports Bulabakulu Village, a village which was developed by Pastor Joshua Magezi and his church to house, support and educate widows and orphans. Africa Greater Life Mission UK is a UK based charity (registration number 1115766), which has been set up to support this work and also to enable UK residents to make “Gift Aid” donations.

Bulabakulu currently houses around 250 children – a number that has grown from around 60 in 2005.  The children are all from very poor families and many are relying on extended family such a grandparents, uncles or aunts for support.  They come to Bulabakulu in order to receive a primary, and where appropriate, secondary education, but they incidentally benefit from receiving regular meals and some healthcare facilities.

AGLMUK has an understanding with the Ugandan partners that we will aim to provide enough money for a basic but regular supply of food, a contribution towards the running costs of the primary school, meet the costs associated with the secondary education for up to 50 students and assist in finding ways for the older young people to make a living and establish themselves in the community.

AGLMUK employs a Project Coordinator to assist with the day-to-day operations at Bulabakulu.  He works closely with Joshua Magezi and the head-teacher at the primary school. The school – which is known as Wakiso Children’s School of Hope, serves the village but also takes pupils from the surrounding area.  Those families that can afford to contribute school fees are asked to do so. If you would like to stay in touch and find out more about AGLMUK, please submit your email address in the box in the left hand column of this page.

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